Be Empowered - Be Diamond 

Self Defense training is more then some "magic" technique that will take down a bad guy. It's learning how to carry yourself, what to look for, and how to respond. With this free self defense program you will begin to walk with confidence. You will be empowered, you will be brave, you will shine... like a diamond. 

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In this online group you will learn


How to identify and be aware of a potential threat. How to walk with confidence. Videos teaching basic situational and self defense techniques. Training from experts on everything from personal physical safety, internet security, home safety, and more. 

This group for women only also touches on more personal topics that relate specifically to women. Hormonal challenges, work/life/family balance, and more. 

I also share weekly home workouts, motivational content, some of my favorite fashion, and skin care tips. 

This is a free community opened to women who are ready to own their power and walk with peace of mind. 

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