Ladies, get the results you have been searching for with a personal trainer who specializes in women. 

Women face unique challenges in their weight loss journey, that most male trainers just don't understand. I have worked with women from all ages, fitness levels, and physical challenges. The customized approach with personal training ensures a program that will meet you where you are and create a path to accomplish the goals you have been searching for.

I also have first hand experience in overcoming challenges. With 2 children and owning my own company I have had to juggle my fitness routines and find ways to get healthy meals my family will enjoy. I have also battled endometriosis for almost 20 years and understand how hormones play a part in our daily lives. 

I learned it is important to create a plan that works for the individual and family. Finally, a trainer who will partner with you to not just create a weight loss and fitness plan, but a lifestyle that you easily enjoy. 

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Maria lost over 40pds. She also found a love for fitness and made it her career after working with Alexandria. 


Alexandria's knowledge and passion for fitness....has helped me tremendously in achieving my personal goals. At first I signed up just to hit my goal weight and be healthier.....Through her program I gained confidence, knowledge, and achieved the weight loss I wanted.


I remember walking in the very first time being 40lbs over weight, scared, nervous but excited. I knew when I met Alexandria, I did not feel judged. Through her inspiring teaching methods and her belief in me, she made me feel more confident about myself. So much so, not only did I shed the extra pounds but obtained my first degree black under her. It wasn't easy but having her by my side made all the difference for me. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her on fitness or self defense, you will not be disappointed. Ill never forget all the help she has and continues to give to me and her other students.

Customized Workouts

Exercise shouldn't feel like a punishment. It should not be torture. Alexandria works with clients to find the plan that works best for their goals and lifestyle. Workouts are designed to both challenge you and meet you where you are. You will leave each session sweaty, smiling, and sore. 

Meal Coaching For a Lifestyle

Food is designed to be enjoyed. Alexandria partners with her clients for design meal planning that meets their tastes and lifestyles. In today's busy world many people don't have a lot of times for complex meal plans. We find options that are going to make it easy to succeed. 

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