6 Weeks For $129.00

Plus, Free Boxing Gloves

Uncover your fittest self. 

Finally, a pulse pounding fun workout, that really works. Kickboxing has been around for a long time and it never gets old. Each class you strap on real gloves and learn to punch and kick like a pro. With fun music and energetic instructors each class feels like a party wit heavy bags as your dance partner. Each class incorporates aerobic & resistance training elements ensuring you get the best results from each hour you train. Getting in the best shape of your life is meant to be fun. With the kickboxing community you will find a accountability, challenges, recipes and at home workouts. This program is more then just a class, but a way of life. 

Take advantage of the limited time new member special, 6 weeks for $129.00. Get 6 weeks of kickboxing classes and FREE boxing gloves ($49.99 value). 

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"This program absolutely changed the way I look at fitness. No longer is my physical health something out of reach, but instead something tangible that I can feel and see improving with every single session."


With a custom Kickboxing program outlining daily steps towards your specific goals, you will never feel out of the loop with your fitness routine again. 

The Right Place

We design functional fitness programs that you can perform anywhere with minimal equipment. Train in person or get your workout in on the go!

The Right Diet

Your dream body is like your dream car. Give it the fuel it needs to perform its best. We'll take out the guesswork with custom meal plans and grocery lists. 

The Right Equipment

As you advance through your program, we'll make sure you have access all of the equipment you need to push past plateaus and become your strongest self.