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Everything You Need To Succeed

This 8 Week Weight Loss Transformation Camp,
  1. A suggested meal and exercise plan customized to your lifestyle.
  2. Includes over 40 videos on nutrition, diet, fitness, and more
  3. Completely virtual, participate on your schedule
  4. Weekly accountability call
  5. Meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, and more... 
  6. Community support
  7. Supplement guides
  8. Initial one2one consultation and coaching call (ensures program is customized to you) 
  9. Lifestyle hacks
  10. All overseen by your own personal trainer. 
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Not Another Fad

A healthy lifestyle should not fee like a punishment or another yoyo diet. This 8 week program is designed to meet you where you are and create a lifestyle that you enjoy maintaining after the challenge is over. It does not matter if you are looking to lose 5 pounds or 50. With over 10 different customizable meal plan options, your perfect fit is here. 

Let's Get Losing

Learn Together

With over 37 videos training on how food, sleep, stress, and exercise affect your health and weight loss, you will complete the 8 week program with confidence to make the best choices for your life and your goals. There is no one size fits all. Alexandria will partner with each person to choose a plan that fits their lifestyle. 

Start Learning


Once you sign up you will be contacted to set up a getting to know you consultation. During this time you will share your goals, lifestyle, and any challenges you have faced in regards to your health and fitness over the years. Together a success track will be created specifically for you. 


Completely Virtual

The entire program is online and you can access it anytime from your computer or mobile device. Make this plan meet your life and your schedule. Meal plans, recipes, exercise videos, and more right at your fingertips.



One reason many fall short of their goals is lack of accountability and motivation. With weekly live sessions (recorded if you cannot make the time), accountability group, and prizes during the entire challenge, you will find many ways to keep yourself focused and motivated during the challenge. Plus, with the unique tracking system Alexandria can follow up if you go MIA on your goals. 


Alexandria Dimond

Your Mentor

Fitness Coach


With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry Alexandria has helped 100's of people lose 1000's of pounds. "I have learned not everyone succeeds the same way, I take the time to understand my clients whole story, to ensure I create a plan with them they will not only win with, but embrace as a lifestyle they enjoy." 

Business Owner 


Having owned and operated multiple companies over the last 15 years, while homeschooling and raising her 2 sons, Alexandria understand first hand the day to day challenges of getting everything done. She believes anyone can succeed, if the plan matches the person and the lifestyle. "Some people succeed with strict plans that include a lot of food prep and cooking. Others are just to busy and need plans that can be on the go with them. I love helping people learn how to do both!"



Alexandria knows first hand the unique challenges women face with their bodies. Hormones, monthly cycles, having babies, and other issues that only women face. She herself has battled with sever endometriosis for 18 years, with pain so sever at times she could not leave the house. She has learned how to embrace that reality and work with it, instead of using it as a crutch or excuse. "It's not always easy, but its always worth it."

Power Of Positive Change

In her late 30's Maria recognized her need to make some changes. As a mother of 2, she had never been very athletic. After working with Alexandria she found a healthy fit lifestyle she loved. She lost over 40 pounds. She loved her new lifestyle so much, 18 years later she is still maintaining AND made a career shift to a fitness coach to help others find the same joy. 

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